Architectural Metals North America  “Master Fabricator” Design, Fabrication and Installation of Rain Screen Cladding Systems, Aluminum Composite and Aluminum Plate Panel Systems
Reynobond •Alpolic•Alucoil•Citadel

Safety equip.& access; work tools; job site materials for roofing, masonry restoration, industrial flooring, painting & more. FallTech/Radians/BAK Everhard/Pyramex/RoofZone

• Composite lightweight roof tile
• Ventilation; Rigid Roll, Rigid Section,   Aviator, Multi Roll, Flex Roll, Soffit
• Pipe Boot, Smart Plug, Battens & Furring Strips, Tile Accessories

 Concrete roof deck and concrete subfloor; ¾” 4x8 light wt panel t&g and sq. edge; strong, durable, non-combustible; mold resistant; dimensionally stable; achieves 56 STC and 65 IIC sound performance rating


The toughest Multi-Purpose wipes. Removes asphalt, tar, grease, ink, paint, caulk, permanent marker and more

Commercial / Industrial / Res skylights, custom structural skylights, safety screens; roof access & smoke hatches; Photovoltaic skylights & canopies

100% silicone sealant for metal, concrete, masonry, windows, doors and more; Available in 72 colors

Aluminum fencing round & square, railing & columns, gates for residential and commercial use, Vertical Cable Railing

A complete line of reflective coatings, cements and sealants for roofing and waterproofing. Karnak is the leading manufacturer of Energy Star labeled coatings. 


Vermont natural roofing slate in 12 colors, all sizes & textures. Water/hail resistant & fireproof. Buckingham Black & Unfading Canadian Black, slate walkway


Stainless & Aluminum Products. Coil, Sheet, Plate, Blanks, Flat Bar, Tube/Rounds
SST. Grades: 201, 304/304L, 316/316L, 409, 430, 439 & 441
SST.  Thicknesses: .015” – .500”
Alum Grades: 3000, 000, 6000 SRS Alum Thk: .020”-1.00”

Interlocking permeable walkways and tiles made from recycled tires and rubber products in variety of colors & thicknesses

  Mid-States Asphalt, Built-up rfg (BUR) 
• Roofing asphalt (Trumbull) 
• Tapered f/b & perlite, cant, t/e
• Ice & water (ht & reg)  sand & gran
• Synthetic and organic felt
• Self-adhering underlayments

• Free All-deep penetrating oil, silicone free spray for rusted &frozenparts
• Lube-It All silicone free dee lubricating oil